четверг, 30 ноября 2017 г.


Prokhor Gorovoy & Arseny Litvin – Zima

CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
26 hand-numbered copies

Mail collaboration of projects from Saratov and Novosibirsk. A noise suite, inspired by the futuristic poetry of Alexei Kruchenykh. Filled with a multitude of details, a canvas leading you through the winter of futuristic dimensions: from barely audible to loud and large-scale. We recommend listening in headphones at full volume. And Wintering

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/zima

вторник, 24 октября 2017 г.


Vitaly Maklakov – Zheleznye Skazki #3

CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
33 hand-numbered copies

We present to you the third volume of iron fairy tales (the two previous ones appeared on the labels Ostroga and Frozen Light). We suggest that you become extraterrestrial archeologists and immerse yourself in studying the remains of the extinct civilization of the planet Shelezyak. History, ancient epic, religious texts - all this was mixed in the dust and rust of the extinct world. The echoes of the old stories are entwined in a bizarre anachronistic pattern. Dare to solve it.
Listen: https://vk.com/wall-45158471_142

среда, 20 сентября 2017 г.


Arseny Litvin - Litarsgen-Reverberoidnaya Kislota

CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
18 hand-numbered copies

A small portion of audio-drugs from the owner of the label. Sepia schizophrenia inside a boarded up wooden house. The unbearable reverberation of the universe in just one dose. One pill makes you primitive and one pill makes you tiled. And there and until the theoretically endless Zen effect is near.

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/litarsgen-reverberoidnaya-kislota

суббота, 29 июля 2017 г.


Pustota - V Dva Poluoborota

Field Recordings/Noise
2XCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in DVD-box
20 hand-numbered copies

The Leningrad audio alchemist Evgeny Savenko is known mainly for the psychedelic drone ambient project Lunar Abyss. But he also has a more noisy hypostasis within the Pustota project. With the help of which he is mainly engaged in preparing and experimenting with old sizzling audio cassettes and also with Lo-Fi field records. Paper Moon Republic decided to present a release on which both sides of the project are united. Two discs of digitized cassette recordings. Two consecutive crossfades: from natural field records to cassette noise on the first disc, and vice versa (from noise to nature) on the second. An ideal soundtrack for your morning meditation in the kitchen of the old house.

Listen: https://vk.com/wall-45158471_135

понедельник, 24 июля 2017 г.


Arseny Litvin and Tsyganskaya Grust' - Zangezi

miniCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
11 hand-numbered copies

Recorded March 4, 2016 in Arseny's apartment
Text by Velimir Khlebnikov

Listen: https://arsenylitvin.bandcamp.com/album/zangezi

понедельник, 6 марта 2017 г.


Light Collapse / Konstantin Kozlov – Split

CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
20 hand-numbered copies

Paper Moon Republic decided to revive in a split, which published out last incarnation of the label (on Down Elcovka Records in 2013). Then it was the audiocassette in a large cardboard fold-out fish. Now this material is released in the traditional for many of our releases format. But the theme of fish in the design still prevails.

Listen: https://vk.com/wall-45158471_130

четверг, 2 марта 2017 г.


>o< – Aurinkoinen

Psychedelic/Drone Ambient/Abstract/Folk
CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in half-DVD-box
45 hand-numbered copies

Mysterious Project >o< with a physical embodiment of a long-awaited album of 2014, which was previously distributed only via bandcamp. Retrospective of the psychedelic experience of walking through the pine forests of Ingermanland and mast meadows Privolhovya. Music of weary sun hallucinations for lazy sultry rituals without beginning or end. Listen and overgrown with dry of violet dust.

Listen: https://yaop.bandcamp.com/album/aurinkoinen